Sunday, November 26, 2017

My next orbit around the sun....

Today I turn 45 and 45 sounds odd to me.  Probably for a few's halfway to 50 and I do not feel half way to 50.  Age is an odd thing.  When you are young, you can't wait to be older and when you start to get older, time seems to fly right by....and yet, parts of you still feel young.  I tend to believe in the adage that you are only as old as you feel.  Once you think you are old, you're old.

Isadora Duncan                                                                                                                                                     More

I have to admit, this year I have allowed myself to feel even older than I already am.  I feel the strange apathy setting in.....that this life is nothing but routine, that sitting at my desk in my safe job, crunching soulless numbers and issuing equipment is better than taking chances, that regardless of what you do in life, there is always going to be hate, or war, or violence.  Sometimes the very thought of going through another day living in the hamster wheel of modern life makes me want to burrito myself in my bed quilt and think of a way off it.

"There is always something or someone to be grateful for." ACS// Gratitude enables me to fall in love with my life every day.

What I am forgetting, however, is to remember to live life with a grateful heart, to come at each day from a mindset of gratitude.  I have had times in my life, when I did this.  I kept gratitude journals and I looked at each day remembering all the gifts in my life.  My life felt amazing when I lived in gratitude. This was even before I had my bout with chondrosarcoma, which, after that battle, I was even more grateful for everything I had. 

So, what happened? Well, I can try to be that person...blame the modern state of politics, or my job, or the silliness I see on social media, blame all of it on outside influences, but all in all, it's because I have forgotten to live my life basking in the glow of what I already look at the awesome man I share my life with, my two kind-hearted sons that have been my pride and joys, to be grateful for the warm, cozy roof over my head, to relishing in morning cuddles in flannel sheets with my sweetie, or a good cup of still be cancer free.  I have forgotten all of the small and large things that everyday I can be grateful for.

For my next orbit around the sun, I am making the commitment to not only be more grateful for what I already have, but to not be afraid to pursue the things I want to do or be or see.  To live life fearlessly and without regrets and to remember that we are never stuck on the hamster wheel.  To remember that sometimes the answer is no, but even in that, there is a lesson learned.

Saturday, April 29, 2017

Three years and a day......

The Darkest Nights Produce The Brightest Stars - Inspirational Quote About Hardship in Life - Bodhi Paw:

April 28, was the day my life turned on a dime, the day I was told that what I thought was a benign bone growth was actually a rare form of bone cancer called chondrosarcoma.  I remember taking a day, trying to absorb it all, crying in the car, then started making jokes, something I do when life gets heavy.  I've always had a weird, slightly dark sense of humor.  I talked to my sons, assuring them all would be well, called my mother and father to tell them the news, keeping a steady pace of staying positive.  That night, I stayed awake most of the night, wondering about my future, then composed this Facebook note to tell everyone else I knew.  This came up on my Facebook "On this day" today....

More positivity, more assurance....but in my alone moments, when people weren't around, I was shitting myself.  I worried about it spreading to my lungs, I worried about what the surgery would do to me, I worried about my career in the Air National Guard, about my full time job, about the bills.  I once heard someone say that the day you hear you have cancer, you start becoming a survivor, because the shock and worry alone can break you.  That's the damned truth.  Most of the time, I stayed positive and kept a sense of humor about it all...calling the tumor "Gloomer", saying the surgery would leave me "half-assed", I mean, you have to.  Going into something like this with no hope and negativity will ruin you, but I did have moments when the cloud would darken me.  I think it comes with the territory of the unknown.

I blog about all this because I know there are newly diagnosed CS warriors that are looking for answers, looking for hope, staying awake due to uncertainty and fear.  I don't have all the answers, but I can tell you that three years and a day later, through surgery, through having a broken body and spirit, through spells of feeling damaged and weak, I am still here and thriving.  I weathered the storm and came through it a stronger, grateful, more enlightened person.  I don't take life lightly and know it's a gift.  I go through days at work, my workouts at the gym, my moments with my family with a gratitude and joy I have never had before....because three years and a day later, I am still here.

Have hope, my fellow CS warriors.  I will admit, my fight wasn't as hard as others being grade 1, but it was a struggle.  All along the way, even when I was scared, I still BELIEVED it would all be okay.

Please remember this....the storms will pass and the sun always shines brighter and warmer when the clouds part.

Friday, April 7, 2017

Remembering how I got here...

Yesterday I was at the the ortho office because I was afraid that I had injured my weak hip working out.  I wasn't there because I was afraid of the chondrosarcoma coming back, more that I didn't want to mess it up more than it already is.  I wanted to know that I could do and what I shouldn't.  Then Ryan said something that made me think...."It's hard to tell because there isn't a lot of research in endurance exercises with those with pelvic resections...there's not that many of you." states that chondrosarcoma is "a rare cancer that accounts for about 20% of bone tumors and is diagnosed in approximately 600 patients each year in the United States."  I remember when I was first diagnosed and started researching chondrosarcoma.  Because of the rarity of it, there was not a lot on the internet and some of what I read was scary.  I remember sitting at my computer while reading how pelvic chondrosarcomas have a poor prognosis and was convinced I was not going to see 45 years old.  Thankfully, I found some wonderful people at the Chondrosarcoma Support Group on Facebook and was able to see that coming back from chondrosarcoma was possible. I tried to maintain a positive attitude through my diagnosis, surgery, and recovery, although there were some bumps along the way.

Sometimes I question why I still blog.  My stats show that not many read it...hell, besides my hubby, I don't even think my own family reads it, but I always try to remember what it was like searching the internet, scared that I was going to die of a rare cancer, and the blessing of finding my warriors to connect with.  Now, I will never have the presence that Elizablest at the Chondrosarcoma Support Group has as she has built and maintains an amazing community of survivors and family members, but I always want to be there for the person who is searching, who is scared, who feels alone.  Mountains can be moved, scars can heal, and, in this world, you are never alone.  

I remember how I got here, and it's why I do what I do here.

Friday, March 24, 2017

Nothing wrong with your before.....

Ah, the before and after's so prevalent on social media, especially Instagram.  I've even done it myself....taking the photos before so I can brag about the after, like somehow I am better in the after because there was something wrong with my before.  That seems to be the mindset, right...always trying to improve, to be your best self? 

Don't get me wrong, I am all for self improvement, of pushing through old wounds, hurts, unhealthy habits....moving on to a place where one feels content and at peace with oneself and the universe.  It's how we find enlightenment and self actualization.  What I don't agree with, however, is the mindset of the after. 

"I'll be happier AFTER I lose 30 pounds!", "I'll be better WHEN I get the body I want!", or, sadly, "As long as I look like this, I cannot be me."  I think about how much of my life I have wasted on the After.  All the times I went to events and didn't have fun because I thought I looked "lumpy" in my dress or the times I have compared myself to others and felt like a rhinoceros.  Raising my boys, I was so frequently thinking of the after that I missed the now.  I remember the times I covered up because I thought my body was gross.  

But then something happened to me, something bad that actually was a gift to me and that was my diagnosis with chondrosarcoma and the surgery and recovery that followed.  At first, I admit, I saw it as my body turning against me...again, but after the surgery, I saw what an amazing machine it was.  I saw how my body healed itself, how a surgical incision 11 inches long, cut through skin, fascia, and the removal of a pelvic bone and the reattachment of muscles in places they weren't originally meant to be (shout out to Dr. Timothy Damron, orthopedic oncologist ROCK STAR) , can close up, can get strong, can be functional again.  The longer process was the psychological healing that came, but even that was wondrous in that I learned to be more grateful and honest with my life.  It was a bumpy road, and I can't say I did it with finesse or mistake free, but at the end of it, I became a more enlightened version of myself....not better, just more. 

Just so we are clear, once again, I am not knocking improvement,  I am only stating that we have to stop living for the after, we have to embrace the now...what we are, where we are, who we are, in this moment, in this now.  To see our befores as beautiful stops on the road that is our life.  
This morning, before I started writing, I was reorganizing and updating my blog. Adding, changing, and removing things....and I clicked over to the list of links on the Cancer Blog Directory and was looking through the blogs that I share listings with.  It was an eye opener.  Some of the bloggers are gratefully living cancer free, some are fighting again, and some have passed on.  One of those was Kaylin Andres, who was an artist, a fashion designer, and 31 years old when her 3rd bout of cancer took her on November 21, 2016,  Five days before she died, on her Cancer is Hilarious blog, she wrote this:

"So I think it's finally time to say I'm dying, really-- I'm moving back to CA on the 22nd to be with family. I can no longer even get up on my own anymore so being alone in this apartment is pointless. There is no more that they can do for me as far as radiation or palliative chemo-- it's spread throughout my bone marrow at this point. I'm just done and I have to wait to die and I don't know how long that will take. 
I'm so sad it's happening so soon. It seems like every day and week my body gets worse so much faster. And I have so much within me that I wish I could get out. So much. There is just no time."

Sometimes, the after doesn't instead of hating ourselves, or hating our bodies, or always striving for the day where we will be better, thinner, stronger, whatever....what if we reveled in the now?  What if, through self-love, self-care, love of our family, and of healthy, soul and body nourishing habits, we learn to be grateful for this life, to love ourselves for what we are IN THIS MOMENT, to see the beauty in and around us, and revel in the passion of purpose??

I don't plan on perpetuating the before and after culture anymore.  I don't plan on comparing myself to an earlier version of myself, making that earlier version looked flawed.  I will remember that it was my process, it was me as I learned and grew.  There was nothing wrong with my before and there's beauty in my now.

Thursday, March 9, 2017

And in that moment, I realized I was a masterpiece....

I have been sick all week.  A week after bragging that I had not been sick all winter, I got knocked down with a hell of a cold where I endured one day feeling like death at work, missed the two following days because I believe in taking care of myself and not infecting my co-workers and spent yesterday well enough to work, but not 100%.  Today was the first day in almost a week that I felt like a human being again, just in time for the hubs to get nailed with it overnight.

After I went out to get him set up for the day and headed to work, I was in my work bathroom changing into my uniform.  I usually get to work fairly early so I generally have the bathroom to myself and having been former Army, having kids, and a major surgery for my bone tumor, I have no qualms about changing in that bathroom in the open.  I mean it's not like I'm's just changing from street clothes to my ABU's, but it's a 180 from what I was like in high school and the pure terror I felt changing for gym because I was embarrassed of my weight and my boobs, which came in large and in charge at age 12.

So there I was...feeling about 90% healthy, halfway into changing, and it happens...."Pour Some Sugar on Me" by Def Leppard comes on the radio.  If you don't know the true power of this song to get you moving, you must experience it at least once.  I start dancing...because I felt healthy, because I was flashing back to when I wore teased Aquanet hair and ripped denim jeans, because the music and joy was in me.  I was dancing my blue jeans and bra....loose, stretch marked belly skin slightly hanging over my body, with all it's scars and imperfections, just feeling the joy of the music and the moment.

And I caught a glimpse of myself in the mirror.  Now there have been times in my life where the sight on myself would make me stop dancing...would make me start to look at my flaws and take away my joy.  Today was not that that moment, I realized I was a masterpiece.  Physically and mentally, my body has done amazing things...made babies, healed from surgical and emotional trauma, pushed itself to exhaustion, held my babies, loved my husband....this body.

It always saddens me when I see women tearing away at themselves through comparisons with other women.  Each of us have a body unique to ourselves.  Some of us are thin,some are thick.  Some muscular, some soft.  A wide range of colors, an infinite collection of exquisite uniqueness. All beautiful.

I remembered being that girl that was terrified to change for gym class and in that dance this morning, I think she healed.

Saturday, February 18, 2017

Pinterest Recipe Success...Cottage Pancakes (Low Carb, High Protein)

I love Pinterest...let me correct that, I am a Pinterest disciple.  I have found so many helpful things on Pinterest, as well as some hilarious shit.  It's been especially helpful with finding exercises, active activities, and healthier food options.  I love pancakes, but I wanted something that had more protein and less carbs.

Kathleen's Cottage Pancakes

I made these this morning and they come from the Fountain Avenue Kitchen blog.  Clicking on the caption of the above photo will take you to the recipe.  The only alteration I made to my attempt is that I halved the recipe, since it's just my hubs and I, but used the same 1/4 tsp of baking soda and I added a little bit of vanilla, because I love me some vanilla in my pancakes.  These turned out WONDERFUL.  They has a great taste and the hubby really like them.  I was so proud of them, I took the photo to record the greatness for posterity :).

This is a great recipe if you still want pancakes, but don't want to heaviness of a traditional pancake.  It comes out very similar to a crepe, but can also be livened up with fruit or other spreads.  Honestly, these were wonderful with just the butter and maple syrup as, even though it didn't have sugar in the recipe, it had a slight sweet taste to it due to the cottage cheese.  Give it a try!!

Thursday, February 16, 2017

What's it worth to you??

With my full time job and National Guard drill, this is my first day off in eleven days, so I slept in, laid in bed and cuddled with my pillow for a while, and am chilling at Cafe 407 in Liverpool, sipping on the most exquisite hazelnut cappuccino.

Hazelnut Goodness at Cafe 407

I guess I could have gone to the gym.  I will go later with the hubby, but right now, after 11 days of work, only three of those eleven without some sort of workout, I decided to relax and take a break.

Don't worry, I am getting to my point.  I see frequently on Pinterest fitness boards, on Instagram, on Facebook these resounding messages...."No'll do it if it's worth it to you....fat lasts longer than flavor"....yes, I get it. To be healthy, we should exercise, we should eat healthy, but have you ever looked at some of these pages and wonder how much of life is being led?

The hubs and I are still going strong on our new lifestyle of eating healthy and exercising.  We are seeing ourselves get stronger, having more endurance, sleeping better, just overall feeling like badasses. We are not waivering in the slightest, but we also love to live life, to experience the world around us. It could be a life thing.  Many of those that are on Instagram are young, they feel like they have their whole life ahead of them, all the time in the world.   My husband is 50, I am 44, and I have had a brush with cancer.  We don't see our life as an infinite set of days...we understand that our time here is precious.

Now I am not going to go into some existential life and death thought stream and I am not knocking those that try to motivate others to be their best selves.  I guess what I am asking the fitness community to remember is to live life outside the gym and eating plans.....

Is it worth it to me to put off or not enjoy a surprise visit from my oldest son because I planned on going to the gym? Nope...
Is it worth it to me to not enjoy the box of Ferrero Rocher that my hubby bought me for Valentine's, worrying about the sugar and calories involved? Nope....
Should I feel bad when the hubs and I end our work weeks with vodka and sodas, having deep discussions, listening to Rush, and laughing our asses off? Nope....

Will all of this slow down my progress? Probably.  It will take me longer to get to what I am working towards, but I would rather enjoy the moments.  Those moments are NOT going to ruin my progress and in the end, when we breathe our last breath, it's not going to be the workouts or eating plans that we remember.....

It's going to be the wonderful moments.